Tonic tightening

A water treatment solution to optimise the operational processes at a large-scale gin distillery has been supplied by Veolia Water Technologies. The solution successfully removed excessive levels of residual free chlorine from the feedwater to improve the efficiency of the water conditioning units and prevent damage to the water softeners.

One of the oldest distilleries in the world, producing a significant percentage of the UK’s gin, the company uses a set of water conditioning units to process approximately 30m3/hr of raw water. However, since moving location, the distillery suffered from an uncontrolled deterioration of the ion exchange resin beds inside these units. This had resulted in increased CAPEX to maintain the required levels of gin production. And this in turn was due to excessive levels of residual free chlorine, approximately 0.89 mg/l, in the facility’s feedwater. The distillery wanted to reduce the presence of residual free chlorine in the feedwater to approximately 0.2 mg/l, a level that would not damage the distillery’s water softeners. To effectively treat the residual free chlorine for removal from the facility’s feedwater, VWT UK supplied its Hydrex™ 4301 – a water treatment chemical that is specifically formulated for RO systems with polyamide membranes that can be affected by chlorine.