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Ammonia and SO2 added to fast-install sensor range

CROWCON’s next-generation XgardIQ gas detector can now be fitted with sensors for the detection of ammonia or sulphur dioxide, in addition to the …

Refrigerant gases early warning

Effective monitoring and detection of fluorinated (Freon) gases is promised by Crowcon’s F-Gas infrared detector, a fixed-point detector specially calibrated …

Bumping along

The new T3 Gas Tester ensures Crowcon’s Tetra:3 (T3) portable, multi-gas detector complies with relevant national/regional safety regulations and individual …

Crowcon Clip and Clip+ single gas monitors

The new Crowcon Clip and Clip+ single gas monitors are simple to use and designed with one thing in mind: compliance with regulations and company procedures in …

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Research by @clearabee and @OpiniumResearch reveals UK’s worst cities for problem rubbish ed.gr/ljat

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