Monday, November 29, 2021

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2020 was an unusual year in many respects, but for OTT Hydromet, one of the more remarkable features of the year was an unprecedented level of orders for water level and flow monitoring equipment.
The Portsmouth Pluvio installation.

Weathering the storm

Water monitoring expert OTT Hydrometry shares some of the details of recent flood alleviation schemes

Cutting costs – new range of dataloggers

OTT Hydrometry has launched a new range of dataloggers; the ‘OTT netDL’ (internet datalogger) series, which have been designed to improve remote monitoring by...

A remote chance

A new remote water level monitor uses the latest technology to lower the cost of monitoring surface water or groundwater level and temperature. The...
OTT Hydrometry

New remote water level monitor from OTT Hydrometry

OTT Hydrometry has launched a new remote water level monitor, the OTT ecoLog 500, which is a completely integrated monitoring and data transmission unit...