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SERCK Controls was recently awarded a £3.2m contract to deliver a new telemetry system to Anglian Water to form part of its IRIS (integrated remote intelligence service) programme.
Serck’s SCX system will allow the telemetry system to be integrated with Anglia’s existing corporate IT environment to optimise the alarm handling and asset management. The system will also allow for a more advanced configuration to reduce the number of alarms raised.
The water company is investing in its telemetry system to improve efficiency and reduce business risk and the deal includes a five-year service support agreement from Serck and its parent company Schneider Electric.
The telemetry system gathers data from thousands of remote assets in real time. Those assets can range from reservoir levels, borehole levels and water quality readings to pump or valve status and covers clean and waste water. The information is processed and displayed on computer screens allowing the company to ensure its plant is running cost-effectively and to its designed performance.
The technology will also provide the base for future phases of product exploitation and innovation to develop network modelling and process optimisation engines.
Barrie Cressey, sales and marketing director at Serck Controls, said: “In a water utility, it is widely recognised that people and energy are the two highest expenditures. Managing these costs is vital in the current economic climate and this telemetry system allows for efficiencies in both areas.”
Chris Boucher, director of information services at Anglian Water, added: “Our telemetry replacement project is a great example of how we’re working with leading technology providers to deliver a 21st century telemetry solution that will meet our needs as a frontier performer. It’s a solution that will take advantage of new technology enabling Anglian Water to optimise our current performance, deliver a better service to our customers and support cost-effective future innovation.”

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