An easier job – the Geotech TDL-500 and Archer GPS

The Geotech TDL-500 and Archer GPSFinding gas leaks or proving none exist has just become much easier. With a continuous log of GPS position and methane (CH4) analysis proving zero ppm or showing leak readings from just 1ppm to 100%, Geotech has provided an almost-instant response from the Geotech TDL-500 and Archer GPS. By connecting the TDL-500 to the easily portable Archer GPS palm computer, continuous logging of gas data and GPS coordinates is achieved effortlessly. It is made possible by new continuous-reading data recording software specially written for Geotech.
Many operators need to prove compliance with environment agencies’ guidelines and for PPC permitting. Using the Geotech TDL-500 and Archer GPS with Geotech software they can now easily generate compliance data as evidence from routine surveys. This is set to help operator’s survey landfill sites, AD biogas plants, petro-chemical plants and natural gas pipelines to pinpoint leaks and also prove zero leakage.