Waste deal is on the right road

TARMAC, the UK’s biggest road surfacing and maintenance company, has struck a deal with Biffa to manage its waste and recycling services across the country.
The agreement is designed to help boost environmental performance. Following the introduction of a new dry mixed recycling (DMR) service, Tarmac sites working with Biffa have increased recycling from four tonnes a month in 2011 to 30 tonnes a month and general waste has fallen on average by 47 tonnes a month.
Michael Topham, Biffa’s recycling director, said DMR is a simple, effective and sustainable service that will significantly increase Tarmac’s recycling rates. “DMR will also reduce Tarmac’s costs by removing the need to sort waste, reducing the number of waste containers required and decreasing the quantity of waste sent to landfill.”
Biffa’s service allows cardboard, paper, newspapers, plastic films and bottles, and steel and aluminium cans to be put into one bin. Those waste products can then be converted into a reusable commodity through the advanced processes employed at Biffa’s materials recycling facilities.