Börger’s brace cures problems

BÖRGER’S rotary lobe pumps have solved an irritating ragging problem at Severn Trent Water’s Earl Shilton sewage treatment works in Leicestershire.
Replacing progressive cavity pumps that had to be regularly taken out of service for de-ragging and lengthy maintenance, two of Börger’s PL200 units are in operation with a further two due to be installed.
“Since Börger’s pumps were installed over a year ago they haven’t had to be de-ragged once,” said Severn Trent Water’s maintenance engineer Chris Jarvis.
“Maintaining the old progressive cavity pumps meant a long stripping down process and there was always the possibility of breaking the seal, whereas the Börger pumps are much easier to look after and far more economic.”
Powered by 4.0kw high efficiency motors and designed with a maintenance-in-place radial liner system, the pumps can be serviced in-situ without the need for specialist tools.
Börger has also reduced maintenance input at Severn Trent’s Minworth STW in an application requiring fat to be separated from sludge during thickening before it reaches the sludge digestion process. Here, the rotary lobe pumps also replaced problematical progressive cavity pumps.