Research confirms ‘total kill’ abilities

INDEPENDENT scientific testing of a diesel biocide has confirmed its effectiveness in ensuring a ‘total kill’ of contaminant micro-organisms that may be present in fuel tanks.
Cyrus Eradicate, developed by Cyrus Energy, is used by a large number of commercial operators to eliminate microbiological contamination found in fuel oil, fuel storage tanks, bilges and distribution systems. It works by killing bacteria and it may also be applied to fuel on a preventive basis to pre-empting potential future problems.
In specially commissioned scientific test carried out by Dr Eve Bird of Napier University in Edinburgh, Eradicate was found to be effective against the key diesel bacterial contaminant Pseudomonas aeruginosa at half the recommended dosage, and eliminates all micro-organisms at high concentrations within 24 hours. P. aeruginosa ATCC 33988 is used by the US Department of Defence as the organism of choice for biocide challenge testing.
John Davis, managing director of Cyrus Energy, commented: “Microbial fuel contamination is a problem that is gathering momentum and we encourage regular checking and good tank management as sensible precautions to adopt.
“These bugs need water to thrive and it is all too easy for water to enter a storage tank or be introduced as a result of condensation. Regular tank testing and dip stick testing all help however, if an operator has already taken delivery of contaminated fuel, then the problem may be undetectable until filters suddenly start to become clogged.
“Fuel contamination is a very serious and expensive problem for operators who use diesel fuel, whether for transport and haulage, or marine users such as fishermen, sailors and merchant vessels, and this is why it is essential to take preventative measures.”
Cyrus Eradicate is distributed by authorised distributor Bonnymans.