Vehicle technology helps cut fuel costs

Biffa reports a significant reduction in fuel use and carbon.
WASTE management company Biffa has appointed CMS SupaTrak to provide fuel-saving and carbon-reducing technology across its fleet of vehicles.
The cuts are achieved through EcoTrak fuel saving technology, a driver and vehicle management tool that can be used to identify individual driver behaviour and trends including real-time MPG, green band driving, speed, PTO usage and over revving and highlights areas which are in need of improvement.
Jason Airey, managing director at CMS, explained: “When equipped with this information, fleet managers are able to address inefficient driving behaviour and provide remedial driver training where necessary.”
Over a period of several months, the company worked with Biffa to provide a managed trial of the award-winning EcoTrak system to demonstrate the actual fuel saving and carbon reducing benefits.
The trial comprised several stages, including an initial ‘benchmarking’ stage in which the technology was covertly fitted to derive authentic MPG and driver behaviour data. Once this information was gathered, drivers who had been recorded as driving inefficiently could be mentored and trained by approved driver trainers to improve their driving style and boost fuel efficiency.
The final stage of the trial was a comparison of the key driver management parameters recorded before and again after the driver training. At this point, significant fuel savings were recorded across all vehicles involved and the decision was made to roll EcoTrak out across the fleet.
Jodie Scott, category manager at Biffa, said: “CMS SupaTrak take a very consultative approach. Their experience working with fleets to reduce their fuel costs and carbon emissions was clear as they guided us through the managed trial process.” Fuel savings achieved since implementing the system across the fleet are said to be “significant”.
Driving style and efficiency is closely monitored each week by depot managers using reports sent by email each week. By using this information Biffa is able to create weekly driver handout packs that are distributed to all depots. “The reports clearly show where progress is being made and highlight areas for development. Drivers who demonstrate the need for improvement in areas such as MPG, idling time, green band driving and PTO over-revving can all be provided with remedial training, as necessary,” added Scott.