New nanotechnology journal launches

UNIVERSITY researchers have moved into the publishing sector with a new journal focusing on research and potential scientific breakthroughs in nanotechnology.
Researchers from the nanoscience and nanotechnology group at the University of Brighton are leading the new journal – Nanomaterials and the Environment (NATE) – in association with Versita Publishers.
The publication is devoted to the publication of research results in the development of nanomaterials and their impact in the environment, from civil engineering to water, soil and air decontamination techniques to environmental monitoring devices.
Professor Andy Cundy, chair of applied geochemistry, said: “Nanomaterials and the environment is a rapidly-emerging and sometimes controversial area, and it is important to have a journal that brings together significant developments in this expanding scientific and engineering field, and which disseminates new ideas and technical advances to audiences across the globe.”
The journal is online and open access and an advisory board includes academics including Professor Sir Harold Kroto, professor at Florida State University and 1996 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, and Professor Dionysios Dionysiou, chairman for environmental engineering at the University of Cincinnati.