Agency teams move in after twin incidents

Environment officers have attended incidents in Oxfordshire and Surrey after reports of pollution in two separate watercourses.
In Surrey, Environment Agency staff moved on to a site to investigate reports of pollution along a two km stretch of the River Blackwater in Camberley, where more than 100 dead fish were seen by members of the public. Officers advised on the clean up and helped to mitigate the impacts of the pollution.
In Oxfordshire, environment officers assessed the impacts of pollution along a 2.5 km stretch of an unnamed stream that runs through the village of Cassington.
The agency said the emergency response to both incidents would continue for “as long as necessary” to ensure that fish affected by the incidents are moved where possible.
Spokesman Mark Tucker commented: “We will remain onsite to ensure that all action is taken to prevent any further risk of harm to the rivers and will oversee the clean-up operation.”