Instruments firm cuts prices as cutbacks bite

INSTRUMENTATION company Air Monitors has lowered the cost of ambient air monitoring consumables until the end of the year In response to public sector cutbacks.
Managing director Jim Mills said customers are going through a tough time. “…we already sell filters and other consumables at substantially lower prices than our competitors, but for the rest of this year we will make a further reduction of 10%.”
In November last year the company issued a warning on sub-standard filters on the market and Mills believes they are still being offered in some places. He added: “I hope that our low prices will ensure that customers are not tempted to try these poor quality imitations, because the use of genuine Thermo Scientific parts protects the quality and reliability of data from the UK’s TEOM and TEOM/FDMS particulate monitoring systems.
“Sub-standard filters have resulted in poor monitoring performance that is characterised by noisy data, offsets and erroneous concentrations. Local authorities and other customers running ambient monitors need to keep a close eye on the costs of all parts, consumables and after-sales service, so I hope that our pricing initiative will enable clients to maintain the quality and integrity of their monitoring data.”
Elsewhere, gas detection and environmental monitoring firm Trolex has extended its warranty period to two years, providing additional cover for all of its equipment.
“As their customers already count on the performance and reliability of their products, Trolex’s new warranty extension strengthens the value of their investment,” the company explained.