New company gets all excited

NEW business Xylem Analytics UK, which combines technology from YSI, SONTEK, AADI and WTW, is making its entry to the market.
Sales and marketing director Darren Hanson, who has been with the YSI Group for 20 years, commented: “This is an extremely exciting development because the new company will be able to meet a broader spectrum of customer needs in field, laboratory and online instrumentation. In addition, as part of a larger group we will be able to exploit a wide variety of synergies, in areas such as product development for example.”
Xylem Analytics will run workshops on both days at the WWEM exhibition in November to provide an insight into the developments that have been built into the EXO water quality monitoring sondes.
The company, formerly known as YSI, manufactures environmental monitoring instruments and systems and claims market leadership in a number of sectors and its water quality measuring instruments are designed for both laboratory and field use.
In addition to benchtop and hand-held instruments, Xylem Analytics also builds monitoring systems and wireless networks for operation in remote locations and challenging environments. Its water quality monitoring sondes can be fitted with a variety of sensors including those for dissolved oxygen, PH, ammonia and chloride.