Heavy duty self-priming pump introduced by AxFlow

AxFlow UK Limited has announced that it has now added the Wemco WSP self-priming pump to its product range.


The Wemco WSP is a heavy duty pump that is equally at ease with clean and solids laden liquids. Suitable for applications across a broad spectrum of industries, AxFlow has identified great potential for this new pump in the water and wastewater treatment sector and where process wastewater is being handled. With a differential head capability ranging from 3 – 42m the Wemco WSP is available in port sizes ranging between 50mm (2”) and 250mm (10”), and can deliver flowrates from 10 – 700m³/h.

Self priming pumps are ideally suited to any duty with a suction lift where ease of access to the pump is necessary for maintenance purposes. Whereas submersible pumps have the benefit of being primed by the liquid in which they are submerged, access can be difficult when maintenance is required. On the other hand cantilever pumps are inherently self-priming but are generally higher in cost and fall somewhere between self-priming and submersible pumps when it comes down to ease of maintenance/accessibility.

The Wemco WSP pump contains an open type, two vane impeller manufactured in a choice of cast iron or CD4MCu. The wear plate is also made from cast iron and the casings are in ductile iron. It is this build quality that enables the pump to handle both clean and aggressive fluids, the solids handling being excellent for this range with the maximum for a solid sphere being 38mm on the 50mm pump and 75mm on the 250mm pump.

Commenting on the introduction of this new pump, Mark Redgrove Wemco Product Manger, AxFlow Huddersfield said: “We have been selling other types of self-priming pumps but not to the same heavy duty specification of the Wemco WSP. With this new pump , AxFlow is offering a cost competitive self-priming pump as a core product alternative into the water and waste treatment market as well as industries where submersible and cantilever pumps have always been seen as the easiest choice.”

Image: The Wemco WSP heavy duty self-priming pump