Landia’s BioMover set for major new MBBR near Taj Mahal


Landia has won an important order from major Indian water and wastewater treatment company Triveni Engineering & Industries Limited to supply 18 BioMover mixers for Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors (MBBR) in an advanced water treatment plant in Agra, home of the world famous Taj Mahal.

At what is India’s largest MBBR-based potable water application (for which carriers are being supplied by Aqwise of Israel), Landia’s BioMover mixer will ensure full contact between bacteria and nutrients, without damaging the biofilm carriers (media) in the MBBR Tank.

Raw water from the Yamuna River will be purified at a rate of 144,000 cubic meters (144 MLD) per day, to provide a potable water supply to 2,000,000 people in Agra, with Landia’s stainless steel Biomover mixers going into operation in early 2013 in the de-oxygenation and MBBR stage-3 (anoxic) zones/tanks.

The Biomover mixers are specifically designed for mixing in MBBR tanks (also containing biofilm carriers), in which Landia has over 15 year’s worldwide experience. The BioMover mixers produce propeller tip speeds from only four to eight m/sec to ensure very gentle treatment of biofilm carriers (media) and sludge.

The new MBBR process is set to treat raw water from Yamuna river that currently has NH3-N (Ammonia Nitrogen) levels as high as 40 times more than recommended limits <1 mg/lit, in an application where Landia’s BioMover type mixers with stainless steel propellers will guarantee gentle and energy efficient mixing. The wide blades and low tip speed of BioMover mixer will keep solids in suspension and prevent biomass from settling on the tank floor without damaging media as well as keeping its sieves free from clogging.