Sunday, January 23, 2022
Map of cornwall

The problem with arsenic in Cornwall

The geology of Cornwall is unique, with today's landscape a relic of both geological and human processes.
The HRS Unicus Series of scraped surface heat exchangers are well suited to thermal hydrolysis

Thermal hydrolysis boosts biogas production

Thermal hydrolysis is a two-stage process combining high-pressure heat treatment of the feedstock followed by rapid decompression.
WBA chief executive Charlotte Morton speaking at the COP26 summit.

The methane imperative at the heart of the World Biogas Summit 2022

The Global Methane Pledge launched at COP26 last year confirmed the increased focus on reducing methane emissions as a priority measure to achieve Paris Agreement targets.

High performance and low cost odour solutions

Anua Clean Air UK is an established leader in the fields of high performance, low-cost odour and solvent emission abatement primarily based on its patented biofiltration and bioscrubbing technologies.

AQMesh pods measure volcanic emissions

Five AQMesh air quality monitoring pods are currently installed around Keflavic airport in Iceland to monitor gases produced by the nearby volcano at Fagradalsfjall, including hydrogen sulphide (H2S), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2).
Mr Andrew Stuart

Pipelines appointment

Sealing and corrosion protection expert Winn & Coales International has announced that the Marketing & Sales Director of Winn & Coales (Denso), Mr Andrew Stuart has been appointed to the IPLOCA Board of Directors.

Sites must fulfil water protection obligations

With public attention on corporate environmental activities, there is particular pressure on industrial companies to limit their impact on the local water environment, says Adam Parmenter, industrial sales manager at WPL.
Narrow-beam-width level sensor from Geolux

Narrow-beam-width level sensor is simple to install

Presenting itself as a leader in hydrology and meteorology, Geolux has launched a new and improved version of contactless radar for measuring water level.
How ACOEM UK is tackling the emissions-reduction challenge.

Emissions reductions: Getting down to it

Environmental services firm ACOEM UK has been stepping up its commitment to actively pursuing carbon emission reductions over the last 12 months.

A tale of two flowmeters

Instrumentation firm Pulsar Measurement offers a few thoughts on Doppler vs transit-time flowmeters, and the situations to which each is best suited.

The wisdom of rainwater harvesting

UK water market expert Aquaswitch writes Businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact focus on reducing electricity and gas consumption, while water consumption is often...

Data analytics application helps industry tackle emissions and make the shift towards predictive maintenance

• ABB Ability™ Genix Datalyzer is a cloud-based data analytics solution for fleet-wide management and optimization of emissions monitoring equipment in highly regulated industries...

Tank containers acquisition supports expansion into new markets

Logistics provider Suttons International has acquired overseas ISO tank containers, personnel, and customer contracts from VTG Tanktainer GmbH, a subsidiary of VTG Aktiengesellschaft (VTG)....

Why flexibility is so important in the logistics industry

Calum Arnison of Suttons Tankers writes about what it actually takes to ensure products get shipped on time Logistics services need to adapt skilffully to...

Firm supplies electric actuators to award-winning Singapore desalination plant

AUMA has supplied more than 150 electric actuators to Singapore’s new Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant (KMEDP), an award-winning plant that was selected as...

Leading the charge: One-stop installation

Darcy has introduced a new end-to-end service for the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging points for commercial and industrial customers, called Devitech.

What is vertical farming? Why is it growing in the UK?

Vertical farming is where crops are grown, usually indoors, in stacked layers. The farmer can control the environment – lighting, temperature and water provision - without having to suffer the vagaries of the weather. For reasons that should be obvious, it is an attractive proposition in the UK.

Prioritising intelligence

Pump manufacturer Seepex has refined its range of progressive cavity pumps to introduce "the pump generation of the future, today".

Lake district spa installs hydropower turbine

Drawing on the natural water supply from a fellside beck, English Lakes Hotels Resorts & Venues has installed a water-fed turbine at its flagship site on Windermere, Low Wood Bay Resort & Spa.

Sponsored content: Blackline Safety announces record-breaking deal for area gas detection monitors

Blackline Safety has announced the close of a £1 million contract with a leading UK defence contractor.