Complete satisfaction from CPV’s largest tank

cpvAny round-up of developments in bulk storage should include telemetry and automated process technology. As the complexity of these systems increases, the ability to pre-fabricate a completed storage solution is increasingly important. The economic benefits of pre-fabrication lie in saving assembly, installation and commissioning time and costs on site.

Tank designers at CPV believe that strong communications are vital in this respect, as highlighted by the company’s latest bulk storage project. As preferred suppliers of chemical storage tanks to JohnsonDiversey, CPV consulted at an early stage, allowing collaboration on design, delivery and commissioning of a 20,000-litre polypropylene tank and two 7,000-litre tanks, fully fitted to specification. As the two companies worked closely, there were no unwelcome surprises when the tanks arrived on site, leaving JohnsonDiversey able to complete the project within deadline.

The full scope of the project called on JohnsonDiversey to supply a full hygiene package to one of
Europe’s largest fruit juice manufacturers, at a new site in the South West of England. CPV’s
20,000-litre tank was the largest the company has yet manufactured in polypropylene. Actually constructed as a tank within a tank, it holds caustic detergent for dosing to a cleaning-in-place (CIP) system for product pipelines, vessels, and filling machines.

The outer tank forms an integral bund around the inner and is equipped with a leak detection alarm system complete with pipework for liquid removal. All pipe connections are top mounted minimising the chance of damaged to twin wall design. Both inner and outer tanks are fully capped for full weather-proofing. Manufactured from Black Leather grain Polypropylene for use outdoors. Designed and built in accordance with BS EN 12573 (applying to welded thermoplastic storage tanks for corrosive liquids) backed up by in-house quality procedures in accordance with ISO 9002.

CPV supplied the tanks complete with control panels. All three tanks are fitted with telemetry systems to allow remote monitoring of levels by the chemicals supplier, thereby optimising re- ordering and delivery procedures.

CPV Ltd is a specialist thermoplastics manufacturer, founded in 1949, with a wide range of industrial and building related products. These include chemical resistant pipes, pressure pipes, pre insulated pipes and a range of custom fabricated products including thermoplastic storage tanks. All are supported by CPV’s technical back-up and training.