Tank maker wins fast growth award


Camplas Technology Ltd have been awarded the prize for the fastest growing manufacturing company in Wales for trebling their production of Camplas SUPERTANKS between 2009 and 2011.
The company manufactures tanks for storage, processing and effluent treatment and can offer up to one million litres of storage capacity from stock in sizes of 30, 40 and 50 cubic metres. These are standard off the shelf Supertanks designed to BS4994 for a wide range of applications in agriculture, food processing and the water and chemical industries. For those requiring a bespoke solution they can be custom built to suit the exact requirements in any colour and can even be seismically qualified for use on nuclear power stations.
Camplas SUPERTANKS are manufactured from helically wound glassfibre reinforced polyester by the high technology filament winding process which provides the highest strength of any material normally available for tank manufacture with a tensile strength twice that of steel and twenty times greater than thermoplastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene. It also has excellent corrosion resistance to a wide range of difficult chemicals and is unaffected by ultra violet light.
There are over 6000 Camplas Supertanks in use throughout the world. In the Arctic circle they are used for ice making because they are unaffected by low temperatures in the remote Tuvalu Islands they provide the main water supply, in Holland they are extensively used in the manufacture of catalysts and in Kazakhstan they are used for fire fighting. Many tanks in use are well over their design life of 20 years but are giving good service. In order to demonstrate this the company tested a 20 year old tank at the same time as a new tank of exactly the same design and construction. The test was carried out to the prototype test procedure laid down in BS4990 1987 and involved pressure testing the tanks and laboratory testing carried out by an independent composites specialist. The results showed that there was no loss of mechanical strength over 20 years of service in the most arduous of conditions. On one occasion the company even part exchanged twenty tanks of 28 cubic metres capacity for larger tanks of 50 cubic metres and then recycled the old tanks which had already been in service for twenty years for biodiesel storage and rainwater harvesting.
The award for the fastest growing manufacturing company in Wales comes on top of five other major awards the company has received including the prestigious Queens Award for Technological Achievement.