Plastics target worries CIWM

THE Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) has welcomed new packaging recycling targets for 2013-2017 but acknowledges the possible impact of export markets conditions on the plastics industry’s ability to meet the objective.
“CIWM supports the higher targets for aluminium, steel and plastics and is pleased to note that they are above the minimum level required by the Waste Framework Directive, particularly given the relative lack of ambition in the Waste Policy Review for England,” commented chief executive Steve Lee after the targets were agreed in Parliament.

“However, we are also mindful of the particular issues and concerns related to both the higher plastics target and the split glass target and CIWM would support a mid-term review to assess progress and allow any necessary adjustments to be made in good time.”
Lee said the targets are challenging and he would like to see them as a catalyst for the various stakeholders throughout the supply chain to work more closely, including a more direct relationship with local authorities.
“CIWM believes that a stronger partnership approach will be essential to hit the higher targets and stimulate much needed investment in UK reprocessing capacity,” he added.