Future proof

Biogas analysis requirements are changing and ‘designed-in’ future proofing in gas analysers helps users keep up. It means they can quickly and easily upgrade products with new features anywhere in the world, anytime with online downloads.
Positive customer feedback on the new Geotech range of biogas and landfill gas analysers launched in early 2012 has prompted a second set of developments from the company. A rapid response on its GA5000 landfill gas analyser and the BIOGAS 5000 is said to especially suit users in countries with changing operational and legislative conditions.


Landfill gas analyser users can now optionally analyse up to six gases with the GA5000. Analysis of methane, carbon dioxide and oxygen is standard and the choice of options includes carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide and hydrogen. The new faster operational sequence offers greater efficiency and productivity, says Geotech, by monitoring more wells and achieving more readings each day. Users can choose to have users prompts on or off and or a very quick ‘simple gas’ reading option.
In addition, users can now have up 30 sample-point IDs on the display screen in easy-to-read grid view, up from five IDs before. “That helps with increased speed for users while maintaining precision and accuracy in operation,” said the company.
Specially developed for research/pilot plant studies, universities and research institutes, data logging enables continuous timed monitoring of mixed-gas output. Geotech has now added this to its 5000 range of portable landfill gas and biogas analysers and already offers it on its CO2 gas analysers for incubator verification and the nitrous oxide medical gas analyser range.