Elmac Technologies Launch New EVA End-of-Line Flame Arrester Range


Elmac Technologies, the international leaders in flame arresters and tank and vessel protection equipment, announce the expansion of their current end-of-line flame arrester range with a new EVA Series suitable for use with gases in explosion groups IIA1 and IIA.

“As part of Elmac’s on-going program of continuous improvement, our new product development team has been working hard to improve the performance characteristics and maintainability of the existing AVA series of flame arresters,” comments Elmac Technologies Operations Director, Peter Evans, “and this has resulted in the creation of our new end-of-line flame arrester design series: the EVA’s.”
The Elmac development team used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques to design and optimise an enhanced crimped ribbon flame-arresting element for the EVA series which delivers market-leading performance for high flow capacities with minimal pressure drop.
At the same time, the unique element design makes the arrester less susceptible to fouling and clogging, and reduces the overall weight of the arrester thus improving its ease of installation and maintenance.
“The rapid rise in the number of anaerobic digestion and biogas plants in the UK has increased demand for flame arresters specifically tailored to IIA1 and IIA explosion groups,” continued Peter Evans, “and we have worked together with our customers in these industries to ensure our new products meet their processing needs.”
As well as improving the flow characteristics of the EVA, the Elmac development team also expanded the material options, connection types, and nominal bore size range (now up to 600mm) of the series.

Features & Benefits of EVA Flame Arresters
• Exceptional flow capacities with minimal pressure drop
• Easy-clean, replaceable, crimped-ribbon elements
• Unique element design is less susceptible to fouling/clogging
• Size range from 15mm to 600mm nominal bore
• Material options include carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex steel, and Hastelloy
• End connections include flanged or threaded options
• Arresters can be painted or coated as required
• Bird screen fitted as standard