Self contained – House boilers and fuel stores in ISO containers

AS eco-conscious businesses increasingly look to environmental heating systems, an enterprising company has responded by launching a service using its ISO containers to house boilers and fuel stores.

With a supply of new and pre-used containers, storage facilities, conversion personnel and on site electrics and plumbing, the company, Pentalver, can rework the internal space to create a separate boiler house and fuel store specific to the needs of the boiler or fuel, with an internal capacity of 33.2m³. Space can be increased by joining more ISO containers together.
Shipping containers are also structurally strong with a weight-bearing capability of more than 20 tonnes. There is no need for additional foundations or an extra base as the container can be landed directly to solid and level ground.
Sam Baggley, group container sales manager, said: “With the Government committed to meeting 15% of the UK’s energy demand from renewable sources by 2020 and financial assistance available through the Renewable Heat Incentive, biomass installations are on the increase.
“Our converted containers provide a cost-efficient method of creating a totally bespoke boiler room that can be located in close proximity to residential or commercial properties.”
Baggley continued: “Although planning permission is not required to install an environmental heating system, our container option not only shortens planning lead times (a temporary application can be requested for shipping containers used for the boiler house) but also provides cost savings in respect of the design process.
“On all projects, we work closely with biomass installers to ensure regulation compliance or alternatively our qualified staff can undertake the installation of the boiler on a client’s behalf. Once completed the newly converted boiler house is delivered direct to site at which time many clients undertake an external refurbishment to ensure the unit blends unobtrusively into its new setting.”

Image – A container converted to a bespoke boiler house and fuel store.