Sump pumping problem solved

The refurbished pump house with the new Godwin pump.

THE installation of a Godwin DPC300 Dri-Prime pump at the Stag Industrial Estate Altrincham for Norland Managed Services has solved a potential flooding problem.

The 2.15Ha site requires a sump pump to remove excess rainwater to the adjacent Bridgewater Canal because 90% of the surface is impervious and other than pumping there is no egress of water from the site.
When the sump pump failed in August 2012 a drainage assessment was undertaken to determine what size of replacement pump would be required to accommodate an annual peak storm event. The results indicated that a pump capable of handling 720m³/hour would be required and the solution provided by AxFlow Huddersfield was the Godwin pump.
“The job given to AxFlow involved our engineers removing the existing electric pump and replacing it with the Godwin DPC 300,” says Mark Redgrove. “This low maintenance, close-coupled centrifugal pump incorporates a vacuum priming compressor mounted to a 55kW electric motor and is able to prime to 8.5m of suction lift from dry. We also used parts from the old electric pump to bring the diesel pump back into use, as some parts were missing when we started – namely the whole of the vacuum priming arrangement. We then serviced the diesel engine.”
The pump entered service in mid May and the most recent inspection made by AxFlow revealed that it has measured up to all expectations, much to the satisfaction of Norland Managed Services. For more information see

Image – The refurbished pump house with the new Godwin pump.