Performance and resistance to corrosion

Michael Smith Engineers

Reliable, leak-free and low-maintenance pumping is essential (though often taken for granted) in many process applications, even when ‘challenging’ liquids like corrosives are being transferred.

The Finish Thompson SP series of magnetic-drive, self-priming centrifugal pumps are said to be ideal for these situations as they provide the combination of fast, reliable and powerful performance with corrosion-resistant materials that withstand the rigours of the most demanding applications.
Available from Michael Smith Engineers, the SP series of pumps consists of four models that provide maximum flow rates up to 45 m3/hr and maximum differential to 37 metres.
SP self-priming pumps combine deep lift capabilities (dry lift pumping up to 7.6 metres) and fast priming (5.5 metres in 90 seconds) with the important advantages of magnetic drive technology; no seals to replace and zero leakage. Another benefit when SP pumps are supplied with a carbon bushing is they can be run-dry for extended periods without damage, meaning no catastrophic pump failure in the event of a process upset.
In addition to their superior lift capabilities, the SP Series incorporate powerful neodymium batteries allowing them to pump fluids with high specific gravities up to 1.8, such as sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid and sodium and potassium hydroxide.
Reliable, low-maintenance and safe operation is also assured thanks to the SP Series magnetic drive technology.
The pumps are available in a choice of Polypropylene or PVDF which results in a tough and durable, corrosion resistant pump. SP Series pumps can be mounted to most standard motors.