Heat pump body flies nest

Putting in the ground work: The GSHPA aims to encourage the heat pump installation industry.

AFTER 10 years growing and developing under the wing of the National Energy Foundation, the Ground Source Heat Pump Association has become a stand-alone trade association.

GSHPA chairman Simon Lomax said: “The National Energy Foundation has provided a first class service over the past decade, offering both financial support and expert guidance, which has meant the association has been able to strengthen its offer to members and wider stakeholders. At this key point, with the emergence of the Renewable Heat Incentive expected to stimulate demand for the technology, the GSHPA is well-prepared for its new life as a stand-alone trade association. I would like to thank the Foundation for its past support and wish it every success for the future.” The Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA) encourages the growth and development of the ground source heat pump installation industry in the UK and helps to set and safeguard standards.
The National Energy Foundation is an independent charity based in Milton Keynes.