Oxidation tech for contaminated waterways

The EDOS can be deployed in contaminated rivers.

MAPAL Green Energy has introduced a new rapid response application for its floating fine bubble aeration system (FFBA) technology.

The Emergency Deployment Oxidation System (EDOS) is designed for quick deployment into contaminated rivers, lakes and canals to remedy critical water oxidation levels. Maintaining water oxygenation after contamination events is usually critical, if wildlife in the water and the surrounding environment is to be protected. The system is also suitable for deployment into waste water treatment plants where a serious equipment failure has occurred.
The Mapal EDOS system can deliver the required oxygen for biological processes to restart in a matter of hours from the time it arrives on site. The system offers specially designed units that are able to float in various water depths and supply aeration into the water at predetermined flow rates. This accelerates the recovery of the biological processes whereby bacteria feeds on the polluted water and so allows the rehabilitation of ecological habitats in the water.
EDOS has been successfully tested in a range of environments, including rural lagoons and urban waterways. Where pollution spills into a river from surrounding industrial plants and sewage pipes, installing the EDOS system is a quick and simple way to address and begin to correct the damage caused.
Mapal GE can deploy EDOS within 24 hours in emergencies. The system operates independently of any specialist infrastructure and the technology is suitable for organic pollutants.
According to Zeev Fisher, CEO of Mapal: “Sufficient aeration quickly deployed can tip the balance and make a real difference, preventing loss of wildlife and avoiding long term harm to the environment, which can cost substantial sums of money to correct”.
Fisher notes that the demand for such systems is likely to arise not just in cases of ecological disasters, but also in many cities around the world where rivers run through densely populated areas. In such circumstances, these rivers often turn into “sewage tunnels” as various pollutants are dumped. Quick and easy installation of Mapal’s EDOS system can clean up the river, eliminate odours and help to restore the ecological balance.
Deployed in waste water treatment plants, Mapal’s Floating Fine Bubble Aeration system, which is at the heart of the EDOS package, can bring significant energy savings benefits in its own right. FFBA approaches the challenge of water oxygenation by marrying the strengths of surface aeration technology – easy to install and accessible for maintenance – with the efficiency which is derived from sub surface fine bubble aeration systems. With no moving parts generating friction and driving high energy consumption, a key benefit for users of Mapal Green Energy’s floating fine bubble aeration system is its dramatically reduced energy bill, with savings of up to 70% possible in some installations.