Renewables industry showcased in fact-packed new animation

Facts and figures will invigorate energy debate, says trade body chief

A video to highlight the benefits of renewable energy to Scotland, launched today (July 25), will arm the public with the facts about the industry, the head of trade body Scottish Renewables has said.

The animation – which will be premiered at an international Commonwealth Games renewables event in Glasgow – takes just two-and-a-half minutes to run online viewers through 30 key green energy points.

The video will be accompanied by a hard-copy infographic booklet, to be launched next week, and is designed to communicate the key advantages of renewable energy to Scotland in terms of energy generation, the economy, our people and communities and the environment.

Some of the surprising stats used include:

  • Scotland produces the equivalent of almost half our electricity demand from renewables – more than doubling our output since 2007.
  • The carbon dioxide displaced by renewables in 2012 was equivalent to removing every car, lorry, bus and train journey from the nation’s roads and rails for a year.
  • Renewables support almost 12,000 full-time jobs across Scotland.
  • More than £1bn was invested in Scotland by renewables companies in 2013 alone.

Scottish Renewables’ Chief Executive Niall Stuart said: “The renewables industry is widely supported by the general public and is providing undoubted economic and environmental benefits to Scotland.

“As the video sets out, renewable energy is bringing investment and jobs to Scotland, helping to cut carbon emissions, and delivering funds to communities across the country – exactly what support for the sector is designed to achieve.

“The video is designed to inform the incredibly important debate about how Scotland meets its future energy needs and set out the benefits of the huge growth in renewable energy output in recent years.”

Scottish Renewables is encouraging its 331 member organisations, as well as politicians, charities, community groups and individuals, to spread the video through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

A shortened link to the video is: