New Bioenergy site benefits from Whites Concrete’s Rockwall


Pre-cast concrete wall panels made by Whites Concrete have been successfully installed at a new Bioenergy Centre in Pollington near Selby, North Yorkshire.

Offering less restraints from weather conditions compared to cast in-situ concrete, Rockwall also provided main contractor Tolent Construction with reduced cure time at the new £120M Centre.
Producing up to 50,000 tonnes of wood pellets per annum from the burning of 360,000 tonnes of locally sourced A, B and C grade waste wood feedstock, the biomass plant will generate 53MW.
Comprising perimeter walls, plus standard and special units for storing and dividing waste wood, the wall panels from Whites Concrete will retain the waste wood before it is processed into pellets.
Recently awarded ISO 14001 for its environmental management procedures, Whites Concrete was also able to offer lower overheads and less build time by using Rockwall, as Tony Collins, Tolent Construction’s Project Manager, explains: “The project required very careful planning for the delivery of all supplies, with Whites Concrete proving extremely efficient at managing their logistics”.
He added: “As well as a competitive price, we were looking for something very durable that could withstand the day to day knocks you would expect at a facility like this”.
White’s Concrete, who also have a growing track record in the construction of tanks for the AD/Biogas market, have designed their wall units so that retaining sections can be cast into a new concrete base/slabs, or bolted down to a new or existing concrete foundation.