A powerful source for pneumatic applications


Biogas systems may increasingly rely on leading-edge technology, but don’t overlook the compressed air power source needed to drive them!

Bambi produces the most comprehensive, single source of oil-free air compressors from any UK manufacturer. The VT & HT ranges comprise ultra-low noise and silenced models from 0.55kW – 3.0kW. And with air receivers ranging from 3 to 100 litres there is a model in the line-up for every application. Building on the 100% oil free design across the range, additional features include internally coated air receivers to prevent corrosion, low friction motors for significant energy savings and optional desiccant air dryers achieving desert dry air with a dew point of better than -20˚C. Oil-free air not only means dramatically improved longevity and massive reductions in maintenance, but the significant environment benefits of eliminating oil contamination.