Acid leak in Essex

FIREFIGHTERS were called to deal with a chemical leak in Purfleet in Essex on 5 September.

Crews reported that an unknown quantity of phosphoric acid and hydrochloric acid was leaking from drums on a lorry.
Police closed a street in the area, Stonehouse Lane, while the spillage was dealt with. At about 8.20pm, the incident commander reported that the lorry was carrying 360 25-litre drums of chemicals. At about 9pm, crews reported that a decontamination unit had been set up. Following a consultation with the service’s scientific advisor and a brief from the EA relating to water runoff from the incident, fire-fighters in gas-tight suits began the work of inspecting the vehicle and its contents with a view to clearing the spillage safely. By about 10.40pm, crews had been unable to determine the source of the leak.
The vehicle was later taken off-site to be dealt with by a specialist cleaning company. The incident was cleared by about 11.10pm.