Coating protects header boxes

Header boxes coated with Archo-Rigidon 403D.

UNIVERSAL Heat Transfer Ltd (UHT) of Atherston, Warwicks is a heat exchange and transfer specialist, supplying equipment and services to industry. One of its latest projects involved the manufacture of header boxes and channel heads for the refurbishment of four hydrogen coolers for a power station generator cooling system.

UHT’s customer specified Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd’s Archco-Rigidon 403D to give “fit and forget” corrosion protection of the carbon steel substrate from the coolant inside the header boxes for a minimum of ten years. Winn & Coales checked the specification for both the suitability of Archco-Rigidon 403D and also for the method of application, given that the coating had to be applied in normal engineering workshop conditions. UHT says that the coating arrived in a timely manner, which was appreciated due to the tight deadlines it had to meet.
The glass flake vinyl ester Archco-Rigidon coating was inspected by UHT’s customer’s Quality Assurance consultants and found to be more than adequate in terms of finish and film thickness, including holiday detection readings, to provide the required protection.