Re-design for energy recovery units


The ER heat exchangers are now vertically configured to reduce unit footprints.

ATLAS Copco has announced a complete re-design of the stand-alone, retrofit energy recovery units for its GA compressors. The new ER range now offers improved performance and a smaller footprint.

As much as 94% of the electrical energy used by industrial compressors is converted into heat and lost through radiation in the compression process. The remaining 6% is converted into compressed air heat losses. The new ER units recover up to 94% of this thermal energy to heat water up to 90°C for a number of process and domestic applications such as showers or central heating.
The ability for application industries to generate pre-heated water via Atlas Copco’s ER energy recovery systems helps reduce the costs of traditional energy sources and minimise the environmental impact of their CO2 emissions.
Development of the new ER concept was driven by market needs. The more compact design recognises the space limitations of point-of-use sites and compressor rooms. There is also a broader selection of models, including twin cooler versions, and optional provision for an energy savings counter. The units are designed to deliver the best possible performance at a competitive price and, depending on system conditions, a full return on investment is often achievable within 12 months.
The fully pre-assembled, plug-and-play range comprises three single cooler models: ER S1, S2 and S3 and two twin-cooler versions, ER S4 and S5, specifically designed for optimum oil pressure and flow through the unit. All of the Atlas Copco ER units’ mechanical parts are pre-mounted within the canopy to reduce commissioning time, simplify maintenance and to minimise the risk of incorrect connections.
The ER heat exchangers are now vertically configured to reduce unit footprints; compared with previous models, the single cooler version’s floor space dimensions are now reduced by 66% and those of the twin-cooler model by 33%. The units are offered with the option of complete, corrosion-free stainless steel construction, for applications where water purity is critical, or as a lower-priced stainless steel plate, copper brazed alternative, which provides a lower price alternative for non-critical water applications.
All ER units are provided with temperature sensors for ER water inlet and outlet temperature levels, these conditions can be displayed on the compressor Elektronikon controller or the ER unit energy saving counter, if fitted.

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