What you need to know: New event aims to inform UK industry


Presentations will include case studies on spill response and appropriate restoration techniques.

A new conference and exhibition for the UK spill industry is to be held over 14-15 October at Donington Park, near the East Midlands Airport.

The event, UK SPILL 2014, is being launched by the UK Spill Association, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The aim is to create both a spills forum and to showcase the capabilities of the UK spill industry.
According to the organisers, the theme of the event can be summed up as: “Oil spills will always be with us as long as we live with oil; you need to know what we do and how we can help”.
UK SPILL 2014 offers a full two-day conference programme, addressing the ongoing issues presented by spills, principally oil spills, and there will be number of keynote and other speakers. See schedules opposite.
Science and industry workshops will run concurrently with an exhibition of spill industry companies. In addition, demonstrations will be held illustrating techniques and equipment to deal with spills. The event recognises that networking is a vital area for both government, agencies and industry, and in that spirit, there will be a networking buffet supper held during the event.
There will also be a free tour of the famous Grand Prix Collection of racing cars and other historical transport exhibits on display at Donington Park.
The conference will be held in the Paddock Suite at Donington Park, and the exhibition will be located adjacent to the conference. Delegates have the choice to either book for the two days of conference and workshops, including the demonstrations and exhibition, and to attend the networking buffet on day 1, or to attend just on day 1, or day 2, with or without the networking supper.
You are invited to register your interest as a delegate, or book exhibition space by contacting UKSpill at info@ukspill.org.
This event is expected to be of significant interest to a range of organisations, including the UK Government Environmental and Maritime Agencies, fire & rescue services, local authorities, Highways Agency, National Trust, Natural England, Public Health England, Premiam, oil distribution industry, National Grid, energy distribution network operators, Water UK, Network Rail, CL:AIRE, Comah, police services, energy industries, Ministry of Defence, safetyindustries, insurance industry & loss adjusters, solicitors, UKSpill members, researchers and academics.


0900 - 1000 hoursDelegate registration, refreshments in exhibition
0900 hoursExhibition opens
1100 - 1300 hoursOpening conference session in Paddock Suite. Keynote speaker followed by panel of experts leading on "The scale of the problem", setting the scene, and dealing with the scope of the threat and legal aspects.
1130 - 1300 hoursWorkshop on exhibition floor
1130 - 1200 Session 1 - Science: Spill source identification - the future for analysis of oil
1215 - 1245 Session 2 - Industry: Spill prevention - drainage and containment
1130 - 1200 Session 1Networking lunch break in the exhibition
Live spill exercise demonstrations
1215 - 1245 Session 2Conference session 2 in Paddock suite
Panel of experts lead on “The reality of spills”, with responder case studies on spill prevention, nature of response, and restoration
1500 - 1630 hoursWorkshop on exhibition floor
1500 - 1530 Session 3 - Industry: First response
1545 - 1615 Session 4 - UKSpill: Accreditation scheme update
1630 - 1900 hoursNetworking reception in exhibition, followed by tour of the Grand Prix collection
1900 - 2100 hoursBuffet supper in the Senna Room (Grand Prix


0900 - 1000 hoursDelegate registration, refreshments in exhibition
0900 hoursExhibition opens
1100 - 1300 hoursConference session 3 in Paddock Suite.
Panel of experts leading on - “Manufacturing for the spill industry”, case studies on containment and recovery options, in addition to future options and innovation
1130 - 1300 hoursWorkshop on exhibition floor
1130 - 1200 Session 5 - Science: Restoration
1215 - 1245 Session 6 - Industry: Spill detection
1300 - 1400 hoursNetworking lunch break in the exhibition
Live spill exercise demonstrations
1400 - 1600 hoursConference session 4 in Paddock suite
Panel of experts lead on “Innovations in spill
response and environmental management”,
closing keynote by the UKSpill chairman
1430 - 1530 hoursWorkshop on exhibition floor
1430 - 1530 Session 7 - Science & innovation
UKSpill research links - academics presenting on current and future research on spill response and restoration.
1600 hoursEvent closes
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