Indicator detects oil risks in a compressed air system

ATLAS Copco is now offering on-the-spot oil contamination testing to compressed air users in the UK with the launch of its new O-Box indicator system. The company’s sales engineers are able to quickly measure the oil content of an operator’s compressed air network and submit the results in a report within three minutes on site.
Prior to its introduction in the UK, the technology has been successfully used internationally by food, drink and pharmaceutical manufacturers requiring confirmation that sensitive processes are supplied with clean compressed air that is completely free of oil contamination. The test procedure is simple and fast. A disposable impactor capsule is attached close to the point of use in the network without any interruption to the compressor operation. The air sample flows vertically through multiple nozzles on to an engraved glass baffle plate. The 90° re-direction of the air flow separates any oil aerosols present to attach to the engraved recesses in the baffle and provide a visual indication of their magnitude from 0.1 to > mg/m3.

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