Sealless thermoplastic immersible pumps for open tanks and sumps

Sealless thermoplastic pump

Transferring liquids from sumps and open tanks is often regarded as a challenging pumping application due to the presence of solids, the possibility of aeration or foaming occurring, or simply due to the aggressive nature of the liquids being pumped. The new range of ARBO sealless thermoplastic immersible centrifugal pumps are ideal for these situations where metal pumps could suffer from the effects of corrosion.
Available in the UK through MICHAEL SMITH ENGINEERS, ARBO single stage immersible pumps can handle capacities up to 300 m3/hr at differential heads up to 80 metres and liquids with viscosities up to 100 cP. These tough, durable pumps are machined from a single block and as their manufacture involves no injection moulding or welding, they are not susceptible to stress cracking.
The pumps can be supplied in Polypropylene as standard as well as the options of HMPE, PVDF and PTFE for applications where more corrosive liquids, higher temperatures, or higher solid concentrations are involved.
ARBO pumps use a liquid seal with no mechanical parts in the process fluid and this seal design feature, together with the fact that the shaft bearings are outside the pumped liquid and the shaft is self-centring, means they can be safely dry run. The innovative ‘half-open’ impeller design enables liquids with solids up to 4mm in diameter to be handled without damage. This feature also minimises the risk of aeration and foaming occurring, even when circulating in low level tanks.
ARBO immersible pumps are a compact, close-coupled design with the motor mounted directly to the pump flange
The pump shaft is an extended motor shaft which ensures perfect alignment and stability. Most importantly, they require minimal maintenance by virtue of reduced moving parts, compared to traditional ‘cantilever’ type pumps
Typical applications include water sump duties in gas scrubbing systems, acid transfer in galvanising lines and chemical sump emptying in effluent treatment plants.
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