Support for biogas monitoring

GeotechGEOTECH has recently been discussing the importance of after-sales support options for fixed / continual gas monitoring to highlight to the AD industry the expensive consequences of not maintaining a typical AD plant’s central monitoring system. A 1000kW AD plant can produce around 8000 MWh a year, so it is vital that the process runs with minimal downtime. As many analysers are used in harsh and potentially explosive environments, the first indication that something is wrong may be expensive damage to the combined heat and power engine and a long period of biogas monitoring or entire plant downtime.
Geotech has worked in the biogas environment for over 30 years and is fully aware of the impact downtime has on busy AD plants and offers an after-sales support programme which draws on their fixed system, the GA3000 PLUS’s inherent design for zero monitoring downtime at minimal cost.
As part of Geotech’s annual support package the system’s central sensor unit can be swapped with a replacement in minutes. The unit returns to Geotech for a full service and calibration without any on-site disruption or expensive call-out charges.
Replacement sensor units and spare parts can be sent to site worldwide for quick swap out, either by site engineers or trained, local distributors. Geotech’s technical team and global distributor network offer local and remote support.