Microbial colony counting in under a minute

ProtoCOL 3SYNBIOSIS has introduced a new software module for its ProtoCOL 3 automated colony counter. The addition of this unique software is said to make Protocol 3 the world’s first commercial automatic microbial identification and counter of colonies cultured on CHROMagar plates. It means that with minimal training, microbiologists can use the system to rapidly identify and enumerate all key clinical, water and food-borne pathogens.
The software module ensures that the ProtoCOL 3 system can accurately identify any bacteria or yeast cultured on a CHROMagar plate in less than a minute, saving microbiologists hours of visually inspecting colonies, and manually recording results. It uses a patented red, blue and green lighting scheme to capture a lifelike colour image of the colonies.
A spokesperson commented: “Clinical microbiologists, as well as food, beverage and water quality control scientists looking to obtain precise microbial identification results and increase their colony counting throughput can now enjoy these benefits by installing a ProtoCOL 3 with its revolutionary rapid identification software in their laboratories.”