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anti-static products
Environmental protection specialist Darcy Spillcare says it has expanded and developed its Drizit Antistatic range. This anti-static product range is designed to absorb highly flammable liquids whilst eliminating the risk of fires and explosions that may be caused by static charge build-up in standard products.
If a company needs to clean up a spill they can eliminate the possibility of electrical sparks by using anti-static absorbents such as Darcy’s hydrophobic anti-static range of absorbent pads and rolls. The Drizit Antistatic range manufactured from specially treated meltblown polypropylene is said to offer maximum absorbent capacity with rapid capillary action. The range provides added strength and reduced lint, says Darcy, through its reinforcing cover stock that is applied and bonded to the meltblown core, making it ideal for use in demanding situations. In flammable spill risk areas Darcy’s range of antistatic emergency spill response kits contain these absorbents along with antistatic socks, cushions and booms. These spill kits are stored in containers with static dissipative wheels. As well as making the products portable, this maximises safety when transporting the kit to the hazardous spill.
All products in the Drizit Antistatic range are certified to the British Standard BS 7506 Static Dissipation Test.
Richard Proctor, Darcy’s Managing Director, said: “We are constantly innovating and developing new products that ensure the safety and protection of our customers. We test our products to the highest industry standards and always aim to offer cost-effective solutions.
He added: “The expansion of our antistatic range, which now includes large wheeled kits, smaller portable kits, socks, pillows and cushions, has been driven by the increasing demand of our customers. They recognised the important safety benefits of using these products in potentially highly flammable situations and fed back that they wanted a larger range of anti static products to choose from.”
Darcy’s anti-static range gives organisations peace-of-mind that they’ve properly protected their premises. Facing a fire or explosion at work can have costly consequences, from damage to buildings, machinery and stock to staff injuries and business disruption. With the Drizit Antistatic range, companies can rely on safely absorbing flammable liquids and eliminating all risks of fire when cleaning up a spill, says the company.
Darcy’s environmental products, services and systems are intended to help companies achieve compliance with todays’ ever increasing environmental legislation, supplying everything from discharge monitoring equipment, drain closure devices, drum and IBC storage and spill kits to spill response training and separator installation and service.
The firm describes itself as “the market leader in the manufacture and provision of high quality, effective absorbent products specifically designed to clean up and dispose of oil, chemical and general liquid spills”.