Do you have a contingency plan if your fixed gas analyser needs maintenance?

Your plant technicians rigorously check for contaminates within your digester and ensure that performance is optimised but has your business considered the upkeep of the gas analyser monitoring the whole process – the equipment that ultimately generates your income?

 11453 Geotech GA3000plus Cutout

Analysers are often used in harsh and potentially explosive environments and so it is of paramount importance that the operation runs smoothly and safely.  For optimal performance a typical gas monitoring system requires a six monthly service which means potentially two days of down-time and service technicians’ fees.

Geotech’s fixed analyser, the GA3000 PLUS works differently.  The system’s core sensor unit can be replaced by a spare unit whilst your unit is serviced, minimising any system down time.  By taking out Geotech’s yearly maintenance package you immediately reduce the risk of unbudgeted costs and plant downtime.  Within the package we offer replacement parts which can be sent to site worldwide for quick swap out.  Our Technical Support team is available to offer free remote support fixes instead of charging costly call-out fees.  What’s more, we also offer training and support pre and post purchase, including assisting you with any technical queries you have relating to how your analyser can meet your specific requirements.

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