ESOS toolkit and advice aim to illuminate

There is still time to act to make buildings ESOS-compliant.

With just over six months left until the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) compliance deadline of 5 December, the Energy Institute (EI) has launched an ESOS toolkit and set up a free energy saving advice service. All large organisations in the UK with 250 or more employees, or with an annual turnover of more than £38,973,777 and a balance sheet of £33,486,489 qualify under ESOS.
Louise Kingham, EI Chief Executive, said: “An estimated 14,000 businesses in the UK fall within the scope of ESOS and are legally obliged to comply with the requirements by December. The options of non-compliance and a potential fine of £50,000 or buying an energy audit and doing nothing with the results are bad choices and our concern is they will be made without the knowledge of company boards and executives. The EI has put the toolkit together and is making advice freely available from experience and highly skilled Lead Assessors who are recognised by the EI for their professionalism, so that company directors don’t sleepwalk into difficulty. There is still time to comply with these new regulations if you seek help now.”
The ESOS toolkit is designed for those undertaking audits to comply with ESOS legislation. It will be valuable to anyone working towards ESOS compliance, whether as a Lead Assessor or by someone within a company preparing to appoint an assessor. The toolkit provides an overview to ESOS, tools for collating energy data and conducting lifecycle cost analyses. The kit also provides standard templates for costings, audits and drawing up terms and conditions. Prices start at £99+VAT for EI members, and there is a short presentation available online providing a guide to using the toolkit.
The EI has over 30 years’ experience of supporting energy management professionals. It is the only body that offers the Chartered Energy Manager qualification, and last year both its Register of Professional Energy Consultants (RPEC) and Chartered Energy Managers were approved to conduct ESOS assessments.
The EI’s free energy saving advice service is managed by RPEC. Customers can get in touch with their queries and consultants will come back within 5 working days to provide up to 20 minutes of free advice. Working with an energy consultant will be a new experience for many companies, and can help them to identify potential energy saving opportunities and ensure that they are compliant with ESOS.
For more information, visit or register online for your free 20 minute consultation at
If you’re still not sure if ESOS affects your organisation, you can look at all of the EI’s free guidance in one place at