Turnkey AD supplier concludes deal with Welsh food hubs

UTS Biogas Ltd (UTS) has successfully concluded negotiations in order to deliver a turnkey anaerobic digestion solution for Cardiff Food Waste Treatment, a Welsh food waste hub.
Under this contract UTS will sub-contract to Kelda Organic Energy Ltd who are delivering the 20 year green and food waste treatment solution for Cardiff Council and Vale of Glamorgan.
Construction of the 35,000 tonnes per annum facility is expected to start in June 2015. Under the terms of the contract UTS will design the facility and then provide the core scope of technology including in-house patented organic press pre-treatment technology, CHP, pasteurization system, odour control, anaerobic treatment, process control and balance of plant.
Concluding this deal marks another important step in the evolution of UTS Biogas having built two AD facilities at Glenfarg, Perthshire (16,000tpa) and Dagenham, London (30,000tpa) in 2012 and 2013 respectively, and having started the 70,000 tpa food waste plant at Leeming in early 2015 . The AD plant at Cardiff will generate electricity that will be used by the adjacent Welsh Water treatment plant, together with heat for use within the plant and potential future export. It has been specifically designed for food waste with an upfront separation of organics from non-digestable materials such as paper, glass and plastics. A 2-stage anaerobic digestion process is followed by down-stream pasteurization of the digestate, so that the production of fertilizer meets the stringent PAS110 criteria.
Dr. Mike Bullard of UTS Biogas said: “We expect this project to mark a step change in our delivery of food waste plants in the UK and elsewhere particularly since our pre-treatment technology will enable a very clean organics stream to be extracted from even the most contaminated wastes.”