True grit solutions gain traction

Wastewater solutions and services provider Jacopa is reporting increasing interest in grit removal solutions as water service companies seek to leverage the resources that their sites produce.
Jacopa Key Account Manager Iain Coventry explains: “Companies are increasingly utilising the gas from sludge created on their sites in CHP plants in an effort to recover as much energy as possible from this valuable resource. The problem is that if the sludge is full of grit and rag, it settles at the bottom of the massive towers that create the methane and can reduce their capacity to the extent that they have to be shut down so that the grit can be removed.”
Removing the grit is extremely costly and heavy machinery is required to excavate it, so companies are increasingly looking to minimise this waste upstream of the energy generating process, he adds. “The aim is not just to protect the equipment, but to create an asset that enables the company to generate revenue from what has previously been seen as a problematic waste stream.”
For large sites this means tackling the problem early in the treatment stream because even if that site’s sludge contains relatively little grit, most major sites import sludge from smaller, satellite treatment works.
Jacopa offers a number of products that meet the need for better grit removal, designed to fit with varying site configurations and requirements. These include the rugged J+A Crossflow Detritor grit trap, which is designed to remove 95% of grit to produce a largely grit-free liquid and cleaned, well-washed, drained grit.
The Jacopa J+A Jeta® grit trap also provides a high level of grit removal within a minimal footprint. Its simple, slow-rotating mechanism is highly efficient and uses minimal energy.
The Jacopa J+A Bache Classifier grit washer can handle a mixture of solids from unscreened sewage sources to produce a clean grit. Made from stainless steel with few moving parts, it is easy to maintain for maximum design life and durability.
Jacopa also offers J+A Screw Classifier systems, which separate mineral grit from other types of solids. The Classifier dewaters grit from grit collection systems, and separates organics from collected grit.
The J+A Grit Pump is designed to tackle most grit pumping jobs and has a recessed, vortex flow-type impeller with a large 100mm diameter solids freeway. An automatic priming option allows the pump to be installed above water level, giving easy access for service and maintenance.