Outfall pipe protection

Manx Utilities in the Isle of Man has installed a new sea outfall pipe at Kirk Michael for the discharge of foul effluent from its treated waste water plant. Hyder Consulting, consulting engineers for the new pipe installation, approached Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd for advice on a suitable system to protect the joints on the outfall pipe.


Due to the extreme tidal conditions at the exposed location it was decided that Denso SeaShield 80 System would be used, but with an additional application of Denso Glass Outerwrap to combat the severe conditions. The contractor chosen to apply the system was JCK Ltd from Ballasalla, Isle of Man. Winn & Coales also provided assistance to JCK Ltd in the application of the system. The work was overseen by Homes Grace Consulting Engineers, Hyder Consulting and Manx Utilities. Denso SeaShield 80 System consists of Denso S105 Paste, Densyl Mastic, Denso Marine Piling Tape and Densoclad 70. On this particular application Denso Glass Outerwrap – a flexible fibreglass cloth impregnated with a water activated resin – provided extra protection over the SeaShield 80. Denso Glass Outerwrap provides a protective coating with exceptional mechanical and impact strength for underwater, underground and above ground pipes.