Sludge screening on location

Drain services company DS Environmental has invested in a CDEnviro MSU:10 portable sludge screen to improve the environmental cleaning services offered to its customers in local authorities and domestic properties.
DS Environmental Services provides certified environmental cleaning services throughout the North West of
Ireland with a base near Letterkenny, Co Donegal.


The CDEnviro MSU:10 sludge screen is designed to facilitate liquid and solid separation from a variety of applications including screenings removal from sludge, grit
removal from sludge, pre-screening for removal of larger debris and screenings prior to further processing. The
flexibility of the MSU:10 screen means it can adapt to varying waste streams on location at customer sites, allowing the customer to choose how to use or reprocess materials. Director at DS Environmental, Denis Sheridan, commented on the investment: “The addition of the MSU:10 unit to our operations has allowed us to deal with sludge more effectively. We trialled the unit at a sewage treatment work in Letterkenny prior to purchase and were delighted with the results. We’re confident that the MSU:10 is a good fit for the range of material we process, from septic tank to sewage works waste.”