Firm secures deal to build radial weir gates for EA refurbishment of Thames structure

The firm will supply eight radial weir gates to the Environment Agency.

ECS Engineering Services has recently secured a deal to supply eight radial weir gates to the Environment Agency (EA) as part of a project to improve the Old Windsor Weir on the River Thames. Using the latest 3D survey equipment, ECS has been able to develop precision drawings for the fabrication team in record time, ensuring the contract will be delivered on time.
As a framework contractor for the EA, ECS says it has considerable experience in refurbishing large water control structures and is often called upon to deliver turnkey projects. A press release from the firm said: “ECS also has a distinguished history of steel fabrication and is certified to fabricate and install structures classed up to execution class 3 (EXC3), buildings and bridges, under the CE marking legislation.”
In this case, as soon as the go-ahead was given, ECS was able to survey the site in detail using its advanced surveying equipment, which enabled the design teams to start work almost immediately. Although the site appears to use eight identical radial weir gates, the RTS survey equipment can soon determine any differences, which will ensure that every new gate will fit perfectly.

A Robotic Total Station (RTS) is an extremely accurate survey instrument that provides a sub-millimetre level of accuracy and can be used to collect sufficient data to create a 3D model as well as fabrication drawings. Using this advanced equipment has allowed ECS to minimise any delays at the beginning of the project and also develop a full set of 3D visuals for the client as well as any other interested parties, according to the firm.
Steve Crapper, Business Development Manager, commented: “In projects such as this, it is essential to get the initial data collected quickly and accurately. By using our RTS equipment and the data it collects, the design engineers are able to create the fabrication drawings more efficiently which helps to streamline the project as a whole.”

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