New book: How to Produce a Sustainability Report

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“Like having a CSR and sustainability reporting expert in your pocket,” says author Kye Gbangbola.

The book How To Produce a Sustainability Report is now available from Do Sustainability, providing a step-by-step guide to the constituent practices and processes needed to produce a sustainability report. Author Kye Gbangbola says: “It’s like having a CSR and sustainability reporting expert in your pocket, helping you to produce/improve your reporting.”
The book shows business and sustainability leaders how to produce disciplined, concise, quality, sustainability and CSR Reports. It makes reporting accessible to all, guiding you through the process from business case to disseminating the completed report and feedback.
The authors also provide invaluable tips on how to write a report. It provides templates which enable reporting practices to be quickly embedded to engage stakeholders and identify ‘what is material and where’. There is also guidance on how to secure leadership over processes and people. These topics are important for those organisations seeking to evidence and create value whilst saving time and money in the delivery of quality corporate reporting.
Environmentalist and writer Tony Juniper provides the foreword, in which he describes the business environment needed to make the world function, and to manage risks. This Fellow of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and President of the Society for the Environment says: “I hope a great many people read it”.
Launch publicity for the books says: “This book is a masterclass in precisely the things that busy professionals, academics, investors and stakeholders need to know.”
“It points out tactics and strategies that work for maximum beneficial impact. “
You can see and buy the book here.

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