New Archimedes screw pumps for Severn Trent Water

ECS Engineering Services has been awarded the contract to replace seven screw pumps between two Severn Trent Water sewage treatment plants

ECS Engineering Services has been awarded the contract to replace seven screw pumps as part of a larger contract for NMC Nomenca. Split between two Severn Trent Water sewage treatment plants, the project installations are due to start in October and will run concurrently for the purposes of ensuring a timely completion.
With over 25 years’ experience in delivering projects such as this and an exclusive partnership with Landustrie, a leading manufacturer of Archimedes screw pumps, ECS says it is able to provide a complete design, build and install package. In-house engineering expertise and site engineering skills provide the necessary support to complete a cost effective installation, according to the firm.
The first project will involve the complete replacement of four screw pumps, gearboxes and motors at the Warmsworth sewage treatment plant. Here two primary pumps and two humus pumps have now reached the end of their serviceable lives after nearly 45 years’ service and are in need of replacement. Originally manufactured by Landustrie, the screws are 14 meters long and 900 mm in diameter.
The second project involves three complete screw pump installations at Melton Mowbray treatment works, which again are no longer serviceable due to their extended service life. These slightly smaller screw pumps measure 8 meters in length and 800 mm in diameter and will be replaced one at a time to ensure continued operation of the works.
Dave Bennion, Project Manager for ECS, comments: “Our partnership with Landustrie means that we can get started on the design and manufacture of the new screws immediately. At the same time we will develop the installation plan and ensure that we complete both projects on time. It is also essential that we coordinate the work carefully with Seven Trent Water to ensure that we deliver the new screw pumps without affecting the operation of the treatment works.”