Coating material protects pier

An Edwards diver installing the SeaShield 100 system to one of the nine tubular piles at the Cromer Lifeboat Station

As part of a recent project for repairing RNLI Cromer’s supporting structure, Edwards Diving Services of Caerphilly has installed Winn & Coales SeaShield 100 System on nine of the tubular piles to the lifeboat station.
Cromer Lifeboat Station is located at the end of Cromer Pier on the North Norfolk Coast in a very exposed location and is manned by volunteers. The location can be subject to severe wave action and fast flowing tidal currents. Sections of some of the previously installed protective wrapping system on the piles had deteriorated and needed replacement. The RNLI, the charity that saves lives at sea, commissioned Edwards Diving to undertake repairs during a period of relatively calm conditions.
After removing the previous protective wrapping and marine growth Edwards Diving Services applied sections of SeaShield 100 protection to piles in the intertidal zones, one of the most aggressive environmental areas. As a system Seashield 100 consists of Denso Paste S105, Marine Piling Tape, all then encased by SeaShield jackets which are held in place by Smartbands wrapped and tensioned around the piles at close intervals.
Access to the site area beneath the lifeboat station was gained via Edwards Diving Services’ Aquadoc flexible pontoon system, configured to fit around individual piles requiring repair. Careful planning allowed the work to be undertaken over a number of days during a period of suitable Spring tides coupled with calm weather conditions.