‘Pillow’ cleans up contaminants within minutes, says supplier

Seddons Plant & Engineers has launched a ‘Polymer Pillow’ which can remove contaminants such as oil, petrol and diesel from polluted water within minutes. Designed to clean up or dewater areas such as bunds, excavations, trenches and manholes, Polymer Pillows are placed in contaminated water to remove hydrocarbons to non-detectable levels and prevent the release of contaminants or hazardous fluids into the environment.

SED46-Polymer Pillows

The pillows are designed to allow teams to immediately resolve contamination problems without having to shut down and wait for third party vacuum trucks and other solutions to arrive, says Seddons. Tankers can otherwise be used to pump out the water and take it off site for disposal, but each visit can cost up to £1,000. The pillows are said to contain a unique blend of polymer granules that solidify into a rubber-like solid upon contact with hydrocarbons. Each one can retain up to 1 litre of hydrocarbons. All hydrocarbons are ‘locked in’ to the polymer with no risk of leaching out. Theycan be purchased individually at £25.00 each or in packs.