Power-thrifty dust monitor stands on its own

ENVIRO Technology Services is now offering the EDM180 environmental dust monitor from German manufacturer Grimm Aerosol. The EDM180 is a stationary monitor for simultaneous, real-time, measurement of PM10, PM2.5, PM1 and TC (Total Counts) within one unit.


Providing continuous automatic fine dust monitoring according to existing standards required by law,  the EDM 180 is said to offer high flexibility, precision, low maintenance requirements and low operating costs.

ET’s Sales Director Mike Webley commented: “The EDM180 doesn’t require any consumables, uses far less power than most other particle monitors and has automatic error and maintenance messaging which makes it an ideal solution for Local Authority air quality monitoring applications. It is small, compact and very easy to operate and maintain and is particularly cost-effective when PM10 and PM2.5 has to be measured at the same site”. Additionally, the new software is programmed to be user friendly and compatible with all window operating systems, displaying PM10, PM2.5 or PM1 real-time data numerically or graphically so is suitable for not only data recording and data evaluation, but also for presentation purposes.